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At Tint-a-Window we have a large selection of window films to tackle problems in your workspace. Whether you need a local or nationwide solution, Tint-a-Window can manage and install the right window film for you and your business.

Is glare streaming through the windows of your office and onto computer screens?

With Tint-a-Window's advanced solar film range we can control the amount of glare coming through your windows, creating a more pleasant and productive environment for you and your staff.

Does your workplace heat up like an oven during summer?

Tint-a-Window's advanced films can reduce the heat coming through your windows by up to 81%. This can notably improve working conditions, reduce the strain on your air-conditioning system, and enhance the energy efficiency of your workplace.

Is confidentiality threatened by the open view into your office?

From the outside looking in, Tint-a-Window's advanced privacy films can offer a reflective, semi-reflective, or non-reflective look, all while your view from inside the building looking out remains unaltered. We can also offer frosted film finishes.

Do you need to enhance or add privacy to your internal glass partitions?

Plain interior glass partitioning can be transformed into exciting and practical works of art with the use of Tint-a-Window's advanced decorative frosted films. Tint-a-Window can also create and install specified computer-cut designs.

Are products in your shop window displays fading?

With Tint-a-Window's advanced fade control film, your products can be saved from the harmful damage of the sun while remaining on display for your customers to see.

Is vulnerable glass in your workplace a safety hazard?

By increasing the puncture strength of glass and holding breakages together, Tint-a-Window's advanced safety films can help to avoid serious personal injury or prevent major problems with your manufacturing processes.

Do you have glass that is potentially a security risk?

Glass is an easy target for break-ins. Tint-a-Window's advanced security films strengthen glass by holding panels in place even when smashed, preventing or slowing down intrusion.

Are your windows constantly getting vandalised and scratched?

Tint-a-Window's advanced anti-graffiti films act as a barrier to vandalism, scratching, or malicious damage. This hard sacrificial layer is easily replaced, and protects against the cost of replacing your valuable glass (or other smooth surface).

Please see our products page for more information. If you require further information about options with Tint-a-Window's advanced films for your business or building, please contact us. Tint-a-Window offers a free, no-obligation measure and quote service.