Residential Window Tinting in NZ

Tint-a-Window offers window film solutions to residential clients throughout New Zealand.


New and Existing Homes

Our large range of advanced films can be professionally retro-fitted to nearly all glass in your home, whether old or new.

Solving glass-related issues such as fading, glare, heat, safety, security, and privacy, Tint-a-Window's advanced films can block out everything except your view.


Are you worried about your furnishings fading prematurely?

By blocking 99% of ultra-violet rays and reducing the heat and white light through your glass, Tint-a-Window's advanced fade protection films can dramatically reduce fading of your furnishings.

Do you have annoying glare coming through your windows?

With a wide range of solar films, Tint-a-Window can reduce glare in your home by up to 87%, thus balancing the light in your home and making it more comfortable to enjoy your views out.

Do you find your home heating up uncomfortably in the summer and freezing in winter?

Tint-a-Window's advanced films can control and reduce the excessive heat transferred through your glass. This results in a cooler home in summer and a warmer home in winter.

Do you feel exposed and without privacy behind your glass?

Tint-a-Window has a number of advanced film privacy options that, from the outside looking in, can provide you with a non-reflective, semi-reflective, or fully-reflective private finish, all while still maintaining your view from inside looking out.

Are you concerned about glass breakages in your home causing harm?

Broken glass in your home can be a hazard, especially to young children. Tint-a-Window's advanced safety films help glass resist impacts and hold shattered glass in place, thus reducing flying glass in a breakage and protecting your loved ones.
Please see our residential products below for more information. If you require further information about options with Tint-a-Window's advanced films for your home, please contact us. Tint-a-Window offers a free, no-obligation measure and quote service.

Residential Tint-a-Window Products

Large expanses of glass in the home are becoming more popular. However, these can lead to excessive heat, annoying glare, damaging ultra-violet rays and premature fading. Our range of solar protective window films can provide a solution to all of these problems, while enhancing your view:

Solar Protective Films


Tint-a-Window can reduce the heat transmittance through your glass by up to 81%. This will make for a more comfortable environment in your home or office.


Specifically designed window films can reduce annoying glare by up to 87%. This will provide a softer, more even light throughout your home and enhance your view out.

Ultra-Violet Rays

All of Tint-a-Window’s advanced window films block 99% of harmful UV rays.


By blocking damaging UV rays and reducing heat and light transmittance through your glass, Tint-a-Window can dramatically reduce the fading of carpets, curtains, and furniture.

Tint-A-WiTint-A-Window privacy filmsndow can install privacy films on you windows, ensuring your home’s privacy while leaving your view from inside unaffected.

We have a wide range of advance films, and can offer you a silver or grey reflective finish, preventing anyone outside looking in.

We also provide a frosted finish which will keep your room bright.

Tint A Window Decorative Frosted FilmDecorative Frosted Film is attractive and functional and can transform interior glass partitions and frontages. At Tint-a-Window we have a range of advanced decorative frosted films.

With a design of your choice, Tint-a-Window can computer-cut frosted film to your exact requirements to give your house an attractive look, while increasing privacy.

Glass looks attractive, but glass breakages can result in personal injury, property damage and windows can present a  security risks.

At Tint-a-Window we offer a cost-effective alternative to upgrading the glass in your home.

Safety FilmSafety and security window Film

Our advanced safety films bond with existing glass, providing a heavy-gauge, high strength coating. Whether potential breakage is due to earthquake, accidental damage, or even bombing, we can upgrade your glass with distortion-free safety film to human impact standard AS/NZS 2208, thus strengthening glass and containing glass shards in the event of a breakage. Tint-A-Window’s safety films range also offers both clear and solar protective options.

Security Films

Glass can be strengthened with our advanced security film, making the glass a lot harder to penetrate. This strengthens your home security and provides protection against unwanted entry or damage for high-risk premises such as banks and high-value shops, and for sensitive areas.

Tint-a-Window offers a FREE, no-obligation measure and quote service

If you require further information about options with Tint-a-Window's advanced films please contact us.