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Whether you have a multi-storey office building that needs serious heat or glare control, or a ranch slider in your home that's allowing the sun to fade your expensive new furnishings, Tint-a-Window has over 25 years experience in providing the solution you need.

Our highly experienced team of installers are trained to the highest standard of workmanship, ensuring that every job we perform has a clean, blemish-free finish.

Tint-a-Window also provides an efficient nationwide project management service for residential or commercial window film installations. We are able to offer a timely installation through our team of nationwide installers.

Tint-a-Window films can:

  • Reduce heat transmitted
  • Reduce annoying glare
  • Block 99% of ultra-violet rays
  • Dramatically reduce fading of furnishings
  • Increase glass privacy
  • Strengthen glass, thus improving safety
  • Increase glass security
  • Protect surfaces from the effects of graffiti
  • Enhance your office with decorative frosted designs


Tint-a-Window supply the most advanced window films in the world. These films come with the world's toughest scratch resistant coating, and a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Tint-a-Window stocks a huge variety of films. With this large range on hand, we have the best film for any given situation immediately available, and can supply and fit in short order.


Our team of trained installers has over 40 years of combined experience. We use the latest installation techniques available and ensure a clean, blemish-free finish every time.

Tint-a-Window offers a lifetime installation warranty.

Technical Support

Tint-a-Window managers and technical support staff offer extensive professional experience and knowledge of the varying applications of window film, and always use the most advanced film technology and installation techniques available. This means that you'll always get the correct film with the best finish available.

Browse this site to discover more about the window film that's right for your situation, or get in contact with us today to discuss your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is window film expensive?
The average installation costs less than most other window treatments. Combined with protection against fading and reduced air-conditioning costs, this means window film offers a great return on investment!

How long does window film last?
Tint-a-Window’s advanced window films come with a manufacturer-backed lifetime residential or 12 year commercial warranty. Tint-a-Window is also one of the few installers to offer a lifetime warranty on the installation as well!

Is window film easy to clean?
Yes, we recommend that window film be cleaned with soapy water and a soft cloth. Window film is a smoother surface than glass, making your windows even easier to clean!

Can window film make glass a one way mirror?
With the correct lighting, Tint-a-Window’s advanced films can offer a one way mirror look. As long as the mirror side is slightly brighter, we can offer you the ultimate in privacy.

What causes furnishings to fade?
Although ultra-violet light accounts for 40% of fading in the harsh New Zealand climate, a combination of visible light and heat account for another 50% of the problem. To successfully slow down fading, Tint-a-Window’s advanced films deal with all three of these issues while maintaining your views out!

Does tinted glass stop fading?
No, tinted glass is just colour-dyed and does not have any solar protective properties. We install just as much film to tinted glass as we do to clear. Tint-a-Window’s advanced films are the only product that gives you the maximum protection against fading.

Why use window film instead of blinds?
Blinds block the light, continue to allow in heat, and your view is gone. Tint-a-Window’s advanced films allow you keep your views while controlling the glare, heat, privacy etc..

Does window film bubble or peel?
No, Tint-a-Window’s advance films are constructed by the world’s best manufacturer and are guaranteed not to bubble or peel.

Will window film make my room dark?
No, Tint-a-Window’s advanced window films will soften and balance the light distribution in your home or office, allowing your eyes to relax and allow in more light, removing dark areas and letting you enjoy your views.